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ALISMA plantago Water plantain Attractive perennial to tall. Broad leaves, white or pink flowers in Summer. To 20cm depth.

Australian Native  

BAUMEA articulata Jointed Twig Rush  Native perennial to 2 mtrs. Cylindrical dark green stems and honey brown drooping inflorescence to 40cm in Summer & Autumn. Moist soil to 30cm depth. 

Australian Native

BAUMEA rubignosa Twig Rush  

Native perennial, cylindrical green leaves and stems. Inflorescence is reddish brown, will tolerate brackish water, good soaker of nutrients up to 7cm in depth.

Australian Native

BACOPA monniera

The native bacopa is a smaller plant than the exotic species. It has small white flowers in Summer and Autumn, and will withstand light frosts. Depth 3 - 4cm above the rim of the pot.

Australian Native

CERATOPHYLLUM demersum Hornwort

A submerged free-floating species with finely divided leaves. Provides shelter for fish eggs, and snails, assists in clearing green water. Free floating.

Australian Native

COTULA coronopifolia Water Buttons

Low growing perennial with glossy green leaves and bright yellow button-like flowers. Depth 3 - 4cm above the rim of the pot.

Australian Native

CAREX fascicularis Tassel Sedge

Clumping green grass like sedge decorative flowers heads in summer.

Australian Native


CHORIZANDRA cymbaria Heron Bristle Bush

Blue/green rush with upright foliage to 60cm. Flowers emerge from stem sides.

Australian Native

CRINUM pendiculatim Beach Lily or Swamp Crinum 

Large clumps of evergreen foliage.  Leaves are very thick and leathery.  Produces flowers through spring and summer.  Can reach up to 1 meter.  Best on fringe areas with moist soil.

Australian Native

ELEOCHARIS acuta Common spike-rush

Native perennial with cylindrical to flattened stems. Inflorescence 1-3cm long, beige and brown colouring. Less than I meter tall.

Australian Native


Hardy, fast growing, upright growth habit with globular seed heads. Adaptable to various soils.

Australian Native

FIMBRISTYLIS tetragona Brown drumsticks

FNQ Native with brown flower heads on blue tinged tubular stems that resemble drumsticks to 30cm.

Australian Native

JUNCUS usitatus Common rushA native tufted perennial to 1 meter high, flowers in Spring and Summer. Wet soil/shallow water.

Australian Native 

LEPIRONIA articulata Cigar Rush

Clumping native perennial to 2mtrs. Grey/green cylindrical stems with ovoid black/brown seed-like inflorescence at the top of the stem.  Flowers late spring to autumn. To 1.25mtr depth.

 Australian Native


Attractive floating leaves resembling a four-leaf clover bordered with reddish brown. No flower, as this is a type of fern. Depth 25-30cm.

Australian Native

MARSILIA drummundi Hairy Water Clover

Leaves are silvery,accented by brown stems. Leaves look like resting butterflys.

Australian Native

MARSILIA Miniature Nardoo Water Clover

Forms a good edge plant while not being invasive, small 5mm serrated floating leaves.

Australian Native

MAZUS pumilio Blue

A native ground cover with oak-like leaves. Lilac/Blue flowers apprear in Spring & Summer.

Australian Native

MAZUS pumilio White

A native ground cover with oak-like leaves. Brilliant white flowers apprear in Spring & Summer.

Australian Native


MYRIOPHYLLUM papillosum - Water Milfoil

Small green pine-needle like leaves carried on ascending stems. Depth 20 - 25cm.

Australian Native


MYRIOPHYLLUM crispatum - Upright Milfoil

Small green pine-needle like leaves but more delicately divided leaves than the others and thives in deeper water. Depth 20 - 25cm.

Australian Native


Similar to Papilosum but with red stems. Depth 20 - 25cm

Australian Native

NELUMBO nucifera Paleface Lotus

Large single white flowers with pink around the edge of each petal.

Australian Native

NYMPHAEA immutabilis Water Lily

Large white blooms with bluish tips. Leaves can grow as big as a dinner plate and stretch to 2 mt long with flowers standing high out of the water. You will need a lot of room for this one.

Australian Native


Large Blue fading to white blooms with bushy yellow stamens. Leaves can grow as big as a dinner plate and stretch to 2 mt long with flowers standing high out of the water. You will need a lot of room for this one.

Australian Native

NYMPHOIDES CRENATA - wavy marshwort

Leaves are mottled in dark red or brown. Leaves are heavily scalloped. flowers are yellow fringe star-shaped. Depth 25-30cm

Australian Native

NYMPHOIDES GOONDIWINDI -yellow water fringe

This species has scalloped leaves splotched with dark red on the outer rim. A dark red pattern at the leaf axil with a red centre. Flowers are yellow fringe star shaped. Depth 25-30cm

Australian Native

NYMPHOIDES PURPLE MOZAIC - Yellow water fringe

Floating yellow-fringed flowers, leaves are purple and green variegated. Depth 25-30cm

Australian Native


NYMPHOIDES indica - snowflake white water fringe

Floating small white fringed flowers with large round green lily-like leaves. Depth 25-30cm

Australian Native


Leaves are marbled with coppery toned. Bright showy yellow flowers for most of the summer & Autumn.

Australian Native

PHILYDRUM lanuginosum - woolly frogmouth

Iris-like foliage but soft and fleshy, bright yellow flowers on a woolly stem, Not frost tolerant.

Australian Native

RANUNCULUS riverularis River Buttercup

Green finely divided leaves with buttercup yellow flowers.

Australian Native

RANUNCULUS lappaceus Common Buttercup

Large green pear shaped leaves. Shiny buttercup yellow flower. Requires shade in mid summer.

Australian Native

RANUNCULUS innundatus River Buttercup

Leaves are larger than the Riveralis with Buttercup yellow flowers. Can also be used for aquariums.

Australian Native

RESTIO tetraphyllus Tassel Cord Rush

Thin, upright growing stems with feathery right green leaves. Tassel like flowers.

Australian Native

SCHOENOPLECTUS vallidus River Club Rush

Tall deep green circular stemmed foliage, red-brown spikelets.

Australian Native

SCHOENOPLECTUS mucronatus Three Cornered Rush

Rich bottle green triangular stems. upright habit. Good nutrient soaker.

Australian Native

TYPHA domingensis Bulrush

Medium sized bulrush with long tan coloured flower heads. Edible stems and shoots. Height 2mtrs.

TRIGLOCHIN procera Native water ribbons

Floating or upright green linear ribbon-like leaves. emergent greenish flower spikes during the warmer months.

Austrlian native

VILLARSIA umbricola Yellow marsh flower

Upright native Villarsia with yellow flowers in summer.

Australian Native

VILLARSIA reniformis Yellow marsh flower

Tufty erect perennial with round green leaves, tall stems with bright yellow flowers. 1-1.5 meters tall.

Australian Native

VALLISNERIA spiralis ribbon grass

Submerged aquatic with long green tape like foliage. Tiny white flowers on a coiled stem. An excellent oxygenator. Depth 30 - 100cm. 

Australian Native

VALLISNERIA gigantea - Ribbon weed

Submerged aquatic with wide strap like leaves. Female flowers pink, on a coiled stem to 1 mtr. Depth 30-100cm. Excellent oxygenator.

Australian Native.




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