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AETHIONEMA cordifolium Lebanese Cress

Greyish-green fern-like leaves are edible & can be added to salads. Small rose-pink flowers. Moist soil to shallow water.

BACOPA monniera (Brahmi) Memory Herb

The native bacopa is a smaller plant than the exotic species. It has small white flowers in Summer and Autumn, and will withstand light frosts. Depth3 - 4cm above the rim of the pot.


COLOCASIA esculenta Taro Green stem

Large elephant ear-type leaves, roots edible when cooked. Moist soil to shallow water. 

ELEOCHARIS dulcis Water Chestnut 

Erect green hollow stems, edible chestnut flavoured underground corms. Cultivate when stems die

IPOMOEA aquatica Kang Kung Asian Spinach  

Grows in water of moist soil. The flowers are trumpet shaped, 3-5cm diameter white in colour. Best kept contained. NOT FOR DAMS

LIMNOPHILA aromatica Rice Paddy Herb

Semi aquatic herb that grows in moist to shallow water. finely divided bright green immersed leaves. Leaves can be used to garnish and flavour soups and curries.

MENTHA sp Basil Mint

A Mint with a touch of basil fragrance.

MENTHA pulegium Penny Royal

A highly aromatic small leafed variety of mint. commonly used as a cooking herb.

NELUMBO nucifera Lotus

All parts of the Lotus are edible, the leaves used for wrapping food, the tubers can be sliced and used in stir fries and the seeds eaten raw after removal of the shell.


OENANTHE javanica Pink Flamingo

Beautiful pink, silver and green leaves are a feature of this plant. The young stems and leaves are eaten raw, steamed or cooked with other vegetables, tasting like a carrot with traces of celery.

OENANTHE javanica

Known as water celery. Grow in moist or boggy soils. Has a strong celery flavor. Can be used in soups & salads. Running habit, best kept in pots.

POLYGONUM odoratum Vietnamese Mint

A herb which leaves are commonly used in Asian cooking.

SAGITTARIA sagittifolia Arrow Head-Duck Potato

Aquatic herb, pointed arrow shaped leaves with white flowers. Tubers are removed after plants starts to yellow and die off. Peel the tubers before cooking. Grows to 30cm in wet soil or shallow water.



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