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Ornamental Gingers are wonderful garden plants for parts of the world with warm humid climates. Many can also be grown in pots, or grown in conservatories in areas where the winter temperatures are too cold for year round outdoor ginger growing. Gingers include tall plants, short plants, plants with ornate foliage and sweet fragrance, plants for the sun and plants for the shade. Flower colors range from soft lavender blue to bright red and orange, pink, purple, yellow, gold and white. Most gingers like moist, fertile, organic soils, but a few are epiphytes.

Miniature gingers mainly come from the forests of Thailand. They are a versatile ginger as they can be kept in an indoor or outdoor environment, and only grow between 30cm to 1 metre high. The height depends on the variety.

They are deciduous throughout the winter, which brings a special surprise when you start to see them grow again in the spring.

Some examples of miniature gingers include Curcumas, Globbas, Zingibers and Kaempheria.

Growing Tips for Mini Gingers:

Potting Mix:

Whether you are keeping the ginger in a container or in the garden they will thrive in a rich well-drained soil. Mulching will assist in the retention of water and temperature control.


A good balanced slow-release (for example nutricote) or organic fertilizer is best.


Daily watering is recommended over the warm months as they like to be kept moist but do not water them over the winter months when they are deciduous as this can rot the bulb away.


They are ideal in a container for an outdoor living area, a well-lit indoor position, or a lightly shaded position on the garden. Keep them protected from wind and direct sunlight.

What to do in spring:

When the new leaves appear in spring and the ginger is planted in the ground, you will need to feed it a slow release fertilizer and start watering. Water as much as you need to keep moist in the ground.

If your ginger is containerized you will need to repot it to a larger size, feed it slow release fertilizer and start daily watering.


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