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Heliconia's - are grown for their beautiful, brilliant colourful flowering bracts. Breathtaking and unusual flowerheads rise from clumps of banana like leaves, sometimes very large or slender. Their height on some species may vary from as small as 40cm to over 5 mts in height depending on variety. Their colourful bracts may be erect, pendulous or spiraling with bracts in the shapes of bird's beaks, lobster claws or fan shaped and colours of reds, pinks, golds, oranges and splashes of a mixture of colours. Some Heliconias are an excellent choice for container plants where some varieties can be grown in full sun and others only in part shade.

Average temperatures should be at least over 20 C, some varieties are much more hardier and can take cooler temperatures. They require bright light, well drained rich soil and are heavy feeders of any well balanced fertilizer.

Gingers - are members of the 'Zingiberales' family, which there are approximately 1300 species. Gingers are a wonderful garden plant for parts of the world with warm humid climates. There are tall plants, short plants, plants with ornate foliage and sweet fragrance, plants for the sun and plants for the shade. Flower colours range from soft lavender blue to bright red and orange, pink, purple, yellow, and white.

Some are deciduous throughout the winter, which brings a special surprise when you start to see them grow again in the spring.

Most gingers like moist, fertile, organic soils, but a few are epiphytes.

Colourful Foliage & Exotics

Add colour to your garden with Calathea's, Cordylines, Crotons and a lot more.



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