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Albert Greenberg
American Beauty

Apricot-Yellow, green pads
Apricot, flecked pads
Dark Pink, green Pads
Blue Triumph
Charlie’s Violet Wonder
Deep blue, flecked pads
Pink, mottled pads
Semi-double violet, heavily flecked pads
Director George T. Moore
White, flecked pads
Pale blue, green pads
Deep purple star, lightly flecked pads
Evelyn Randig
General Pershing
Golden West
Magenta rose cup then star, mottled pads
Pink cup then flat, flecked pads
Peach pink to apricot flat, speckled pads
Green Smoke
Chartreuse to purple cup, flecked pads
White with blue tinge, green pads
Blue star with white streaks,green pads
Jack Wood
June Alison
King of Siam
Raspberry red, flecked pads
Pink white, flecked pads
Double deep purple, green pads
Madame Ganna Walska
Ann Emmett
Margaret Randig
Pale lavender pink darker tips star, mottled pads
Chartreuse to purple star, green pads 
Blue star, spotted pads
Mrs. C.W. Ward
Mrs. Pring
Lindsay Woods
Dark pink star, green pads
White star, faintly mottled
Deep Reddish Purple, Mottled pads
Paula Louise
Queen of Siam
Star of Siam
Light apricot pink cup, flecked pads
Deep pink, mottled pads
Double Violet Blue with a silvery pink centre, Mottled pads
St. Louis Gold
Deep Pink, Green pads
Citron yellow star, blotched pads
Purple white base rose pink in sepals, brownish green pads
White Delight
Yellow Dazzler
White pointed, lightly flecked pads
Lemon yellow dish, green pads
Lemon-Yellow, blotched pads d



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