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Imagine the tranquility of the garden pool displaying colourful flowers that almost look like a mass of jewels floating on the water.

The most gorgeous water plant is the Nymphaea Waterlily. Waterlily flowers are wonderfully showy and fragrant and open for three days in succession, closing at night. Night blooming tropicals open those three days but from evening to mid-morning. they can produce clusters of flowers from a single plant.

The variety of waterlilies is amazing, sizes from tiny flowers the size of a 20c piece or giants such as the gigantea with flowers 12'' across. Some have plain green leaves and some have blotched leaves.

There are so many to choose from!


The leaves of the hardy Waterlily are smaller and more numerous than the tropicals and the flower floats on top of the water and has a spread of between 1-4mts.

The colour range of the hardy waterlily is extensive - from white through to many different shades of pink, red, apricot and yellow.. The Hardy Waterlily is suitable for tropical and temperate climates.

Named varieties available between September - April


Tropical waterlilies will flower continuously from October to May, depending on weather conditions. In ground plants may spot flower during winter. They will grow in varying depths of water according to variety, but most prefer warm waters above 15-30cm above the crown.

Leaves can be upto a dinner plate size and larger, they attain a spread of between 1-5mts. The leaves are usually more decorative than Hardys e.g spreckling, streaking and marbling.

Tropical flowers are large and vividly coloured. The flowers are held on the stems above the water from 15-35cm in height. The colours range from white, many shades of pink, magenta, apricot, yellow and shades of blue and purple.

Named Varieties available between October- May


Most of the miniature varieties are Hardys.They come in a range of colours, yellow, red, apricot, pink and white.

They also come in a tropical variety called Colorata which is blue.

Named varieties available between September - April


The leaves mimic the size and spread of the tropical day bloomers. The colour of the leaves range from bright green to bronze to almost burgundy. The colour range in the Nocturnal Waterlily is smaller than the day blooming tropicals. The colours however are brilliant, from white, shades of pinks and red to almost flurecent red.

Nocturnal Waterlilies flower from approximately 6.00pm and stay open until 11.00am the following day.

Named Varieties available between October- May



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